Growing the Rebellion

We believe that food is the basis of life and therefore the revolution must start with taking back our food system! We are on a mission to bring more delicious food variety to the gardens of the beautiful people we meet on our journey. That is why we are partnered with Rebel Gardens to spread organic, heirloom, non-gmo seeds of abundant variety. We carry the seeds with us for gifting and energy exchange as well as volunteering in local gardens and planting the seeds ourselves.

Here in Central America the markets are filled with little variety and origins of most of the veggies are unknown. The industries own a monopoly and most of the land is victim of deforestation for cow fields and industrial monoculture. Our seed spreading and planting projects are just the beginning of our mission to rebel against this exploitation of Mother Earth and her children.

Last rainy season we helped organize a reforestation party at Xochiquetzal permaculture community which united beautiful people to plant trees and celebrate love and abundance with music and dancing around the fire.

We are calling in more opportunities to unite planting with celebration to connect ourselves with more friends of the earth to join our rebellion.