We Love Our Horses

Choosing horse travel as our transportation allows us to move ecologically in harmony with nature, and also slowly to allow us to truly enjoy the beautiful land around us and make meaningful connections with the people we meet. Because the horses need to rest, we are given time to invite local people into our family and be invited into theirs.

The horses are not just our transportation, but our brothers that we are sharing our lives with. We treat them only with love and respect, and are constantly amazed at what we can learn from them. We use information from different cultures to develop our way of working with them, but we are mostly using methods from natural horsemanship. We are always open and excited to learn new methods, as long as violence is not included.

In the past few years, we have been moving away from metal shoes and moving towards hoof boots. Now we have boots for all of our horses! These are much healthier for the horse, as he can be barefoot for most of the time and wear the boots only on rough terrain. This allows the blood to circulate through his body better and his hoof can be free of metal and nails. We use Cavallo Hoof Boots and are grateful to have happy horses!


horse capitan in jungle forest

Leading from below and saving the day. He is not cute, he is Capitán


horse mezcal grazing grass at sunset

You can find this puppy dog in the kitchen at night looking for food and cuddles.


horse changa pooping in beautiful lake

 All knowing & wise. With the heart of a mother. Inseparable from soul mate robin.


horse courage running on a green meadow

Currently a shy & awkward fluff-ball with a big heart.


Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 1.07.59 AM

The new boy from Honduras who is just so curious and not afraid that it seems sometimes he doesn’t care at all! Best buddy with chingonasso.


horse django on a green meadow

Whatever mission you have to complete, Django is here to take you there.


horse robin running fast on a green meadow

Catch me if you can.


Our first mule. The absolute brave pirate who sees more than we do with his one eye and climbs any mountain like a goat – best friend of morty!


horse darwish eating grass

This shy guy warms up fast. Really fast.


horse payasso foggy sunrise high grass

A unicorn fairytale creature with the character of a clown painted as a cow