Nomads United Horse Caravan

Welcome to the Alternative

We are a collective of artists, adventurers and lovers traveling together on horseback. Our mission is to spread love and positivity around the world, return to our nomadic roots and connect with our wild and natural selves.

By living and sharing this alternative lifestyle with distinct values, we are creating a peaceful revolution.  Contact us about possibilities of joining the tribe. 

Friends of the Earth

Traveling on horseback is slow and ecological, which connects us back to the natural way of movement. We minimize our waste, participate in planting projects, are a traveling seed-bank, only use chemical free soaps and products to keep the land and rivers healthy. We are always excited to hear new ways that we can better care for our Earth.


Living in harmony with nature and striving to be a positive example of ecological responsibility, we are a vegetarian caravan. We also do our best to eliminate other harmful products from our diet and we are always open to new ideas that move us forward towards this goal.


We value the use of non-violence in our interactions between each other, the local people, our horses, and all beings.


We value keeping the clean energy and staying safe by being a non-alcoholic caravan. We love to party and have fun, but by taking this journey together and leaving alcohol behind we have a unique opportunity to grow and find different ways to let go and connect.
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